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GASB 30 – Risk Financing

GASB 30 – Risk Financing

We have assisted clients for over 10 years in satisfying their GASB 30 (formerly GASB 10) requirements. Frequently, clients even request us to complete their claims development schedules to be included directly in the notes to the client audited financial statements.

Knowledge of and ability to present insurance related liabilities in exactly the format that auditors require saves internal staff time in preparing auditor schedules. It also saves expense in auditor costs, as we will have a full set of exhibits tying the results of the actuarial review to the notes to the financial statements. These exhibits reduce the auditor costs of balancing the reports themselves. For a summary and detail of how to get a full copy of GASB 30, follow the link here: GASB 30

Our tagline is “Complex Calculations Made Easy to Understand”. We know that it is not enough to provide accurate, sound results. We also make them understandable. Understandable results allow business executives to easily share our conclusions with other key stakeholders.

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