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Rate Filings

Rate Filings

In his roles as both a Chief Actuary of a multi-state insurance company, as well as a Senior Analyst for the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), our principal, Hayden Burrus secured regulatory approval for hundreds of rate filings. These rate filings encompassed a wide variety of insurance products in over 20 state jurisdictions.

As a matter of fact, during his time employed by an insurer, he secured regulatory approval for 100% of the rate filings filed under his supervision. This record is incredible in the face of the challenging and diverse demands of the insurance regulatory community. Mr. Burrus’ skill in taking your pricing concept from the drawing board to a rate filing and ultimately to approval is unparalleled.

We understand that your goal when hiring an actuarial consultant to prepare a rate filing does not end until the state insurance department has approved your rate filing and authorized your company to charge the rates you desire. We will be with you every step of the way. For assignments of this nature we are even willing to consider a “flat fee” pricing structure for all services through insurance department approval.

Our tagline is “Complex Calculations Made Easy to Understand”. We know that it is not enough to provide accurate, sound results. We also make them understandable. Understandable results allow business executives to easily share our conclusions with other key stakeholders.

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