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Our Philosophy

Our job is to effectively communicate the conclusions of our analyses to you. It is not enough to prepare an actuarial report that contains accurate findings. These findings must be highlighted and communicated by us and understood by you. Until you understand our findings, and are in a position to act on them (if you choose), our job is not complete.

With that work philosophy deeply ingrained in our company, it didn’t take long to come up with our tagline:

“Complex Calculations Made Easy to Understand.”

Our Philosophy

Recently, after performing an internet search of pages containing the name of our principal, Hayden Burrus, we found a very old posting of his on an actuarial discussion board debating this very issue. Clearly, not all actuaries share the HB Actuarial Services philosophy. When you commission HB Actuarial Services for an assignment, you are assured to receive Complex Calculations Made Easy to Understand.

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