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Captive Studies

We are well qualified to perform all actuarial work for your captive. Hayden Burrus, Principal Actuary, is authorized to certify captive reserves by the Vermont and South Carolina Insurance departments.

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Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund Analyses

Cemetery perpetual care funds often contain significant assets, their existence also represents an obligation to pay significant liabilities for cemetery maintenance.

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Complex Insurance Products

Large deductible programs, dividend plans and retrospective rating plans are all insurance products that will allow you to attract market share and retain existing policyholders.

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Expert Witness Support

We have provided support work for litigation for nearly 10 years. Hayden Burrus’ experience with all aspects of the insurance industry makes him uniquely qualified ….

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Florida Marketplace

The actuaries at our firm have been in Florida for nearly 20 years. We are intimately familiar with the intricacies of the marketplace.

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Insurance Company Support

As a former executive and Chief Actuary for a multi-state insurance company, Hayden Burrus is in the unique position to provide a great deal of high level actuarial and insurance executive support.

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Rate Filings

In his roles as both a Chief Actuary of a multi-state insurance company, as well as a Senior Analyst for the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), our principal, Hayden Burrus secured regulatory approval for hundreds of rate filings.

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Reserve Reviews

Reserve reviews tend to be very long reports often numbering over 100 pages. Because of the voluminous detail of these reports, it is absolutely necessary to have a quality executive summary. We deliver.

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Schedule P

Schedule P is a complex section of the Statutory Annual Statement (“Yellow Book”), demanding much expertise to complete and to understand.

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Our self insured clients tend to be most interested in two things – stability of reserve estimates, and understandability of results. We deliver both.

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Statement of Actuarial Opinion (SAO)

Statements of actuarial opinion are being increasingly scrutinized by regulators and auditors. Over the past few years there has been a significant expansion in the scope of information that must be addressed in the SAO.

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