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Reserve Reviews

Reserve Reviews

We have prepared countless reserve reviews for insurers and self – insurers.

Reserve reviews can be very long reports often numbering over 100 pages. Because of the voluminous detail of these reports, it is absolutely necessary to have a quality executive summary. We deliver. Every report we deliver has an executive summary of no more than three pages and a few exhibits. The executive summary answers all of the key questions our clients will have about their reserves. For example: What are the reserves? How have the reserves changed since last year? Why have they changed? What claim payments can we expect to make next year? Is there anything about the insurance environment that is likely to affect my reserves going forward?

Since we provide a quality executive summary, often our clients don’t have to review the full actuarial report. Some clients have even asked us not to prepare one. The actuarial report is prepared to document how we arrived at out conclusions. Since our reports are well documented and easy to follow, auditors find them invaluable. Many times independent auditors require their clients to demonstrate exactly how they arrived at their claim reserve calculation. Our reports provide that demonstration. Our reports can take the auditor from source data all the way through the actuarial process to the conclusions regarding required reserves that are restated in the actuarial summary. In addition, we will work with your audit partners if they have any additional questions regarding the reserving process.

Our tagline is “Complex Calculations Made Easy to Understand”. We know that it is not enough to provide accurate, sound results. We also make them understandable. Understandable results allow business executives to easily share our conclusions with other key stakeholders.

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