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Insurance Company Support

Insurance Company Support

As a former executive and Chief Actuary for a multi-state insurance company, Hayden Burrus is in the unique position to provide a great deal of high level actuarial and insurance executive support.

In our actuarial practice, we have observed that there are many insurance and insurance related entities (e.g. self-insurance funds, TPA’s, captives, etc.) that can benefit from ongoing actuarial support, but are not quite large enough to be able to justify having an actuary on staff. We can help here.

We are willing to provide ongoing actuarial support on a price per hour basis, or for a “flat fee”. Our support includes all required analysis and support an in-house actuarial department would provide including pricing, reserving, training, strategy sessions, and any other function that could be assigned to your actuarial department.

Our tagline is “Complex Calculations Made Easy to Understand”. We know that it is not enough to provide accurate, sound results. We also make them understandable. Understandable results allow business executives to easily share our conclusions with other key stakeholders.

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